Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When the radio is off....

  A conversation in the car that started out like this, "I can't believe that a mommy gets a baby in her belly just by a kiss.  It's like magic!!" morphed into something beautiful....a glimpse into the hearts and minds of my precious children.
When I first heard those words come out of Simeon's mouth I considered pretending I didn't hear anything.  But, in an effort to encourage open and honest dialogue with our kids, I half whispered, "Well, that isn't exactly how it works..."  All at once three young male voices bombard my ears.  "What?!"  Logan's voice separates from all the other racket. "Then how do babies get in the mom's belly?"  I don't really know what I said in response, but whatever it was the kids were appeased.  Then, Logan asks, "How come our friends adopted?"  Again, I stumbled through an explanation that I thought would answer his question without raising more.  I told him that sometimes God has other plans that are more beautiful than the ones we come up with.  And that as a result of one adoption, another short-term missions team will be serving with G.O. Ministries next summer.
Of course it didn't end there.
Logan: "Mom, what would happen if teams stopped coming to the DR?  What if we don't need to work there?"
Mom:  "Well, buddy, I guess we would go next door to Haiti and help out there."  
Logan:  "What if Haiti no longer needs us?"
Mom:  "Oh baby, I think even if you worked for your whole life in Haiti there would still be work that needs to be done there."
Logan, now with a husky, teary voice:  "You mean Haiti won't be fixed?  Not even for as long as I live?"
Mom:  "No, probably not.  Unfortunately, there will always be sin and suffering, no matter where we go.  But, we are working to tell people that God is with them even in the midst of all the sin and suffering."
Isaiah interjects his thoughts: "So, Mom, at G.O. Ministries we just want people to know God loves them right?"
Now mom is the one with a catch in her throat.
Mom:  "That's right, love.  That's right."

This is what happens when I turn the radio off:)