What We Do

Derek with Dominican  & Haitian Pastors at a monthly training.
Derek is the Director of Partnership Development.  His role is two-fold, partnerships and facilitating teams.  While we are stationed here in the States, his job is to link missionaries and national partners on the field  to churches and individuals here in the States.  He will have the privilege of being an advocate for pastors, churches, and communities in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and throughout the world as he seeks the resources to continue spreading God's love.  While we are stationed in the Dominican Republic, Derek will have the opportunity to facilitate short term missions teams.  He will interact with Americans while serving the Dominicans.  It is really exciting to have the capability to impact two separate cultures simultaneously!

Lydia's title is Coordinator of Partnership Development and Women's Sports Outreach.  As the title suggests, this job is also multi-faceted.  While in the States, Lydia will be providing administative support to the partnership team.  During this time she will also be recruiting sports teams to participate in outreach activities with our partners in the field.  While in the  Dominican Republic, Lydia will be assisting with the ongoing sports outreach and will focus on developing relationships within the volleyball community.