Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ever since I was little I have felt God's call on my life to enter into missions. I had this innate desire to go and serve. As a kid I thought I had to have medical training to be useful on the missions field- so I decided I wanted to be a nurse. Upon entering college I still wanted to earn a degree in nursing but it wasn't feasible to be in the nursing program while playing volleyball collegiately. I knew it was possible to pursue nursing after my playing days were over...but I let that dream die.
As the years passed the feeling that God was calling me into missions never went away. But I thought maybe I had somehow messed up God's plan for by not pursuing that nursing degree...
Then something wonderful happened. I realized I didn't need that nursing degree because God wasn't calling me to be a nurse! How freeing! I realized that what God was calling me to do was to use the talents he has already given me for his glory. I realized I could let go of all of my pre-conceived notions of who I had to be to be useful to our Lord. All I had to do was be willing to use the talents God has blessed me with.
Do you know that God has given you a unique set of talents and abilities for a reason? Are you using them to glorify God? You can be sure of this...if God gave you a gift he wants you to use it!
Because of Him,

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