Friday, July 13, 2012

Whew...this summer has been beautifully, crazily, hectically wonderful:)  I can't believe it is already the middle of July!!!  I can never keep track of what time of day it is...let alone what day or month!  Thank goodness we have some fun pictures to document what we have been doing so far this summer.  I hope you enjoy the pics and that you'll pray about coming down here and serving on a short term trip so we can post some photos of you (wink, wink).
Oh...and I left our camera charger in Ft. Wayne...packed in a box somewhere.  Long story short, I didn't take a single one of these pictures, so thanks to a multitude of fabulous photographers who are willing to share:)
 The whole crew in one of our favorite communities, Hato Del Yaque.
Can you see the mountains in the background?
The boys walking back from playing with some neighborhood kids in Hato Del Yaque.
Isaiah and our favorite intern, Leah.
We have known Leah since we joined her parents’ small group back in 2000.  Check out her blog HERE
Simeon.  I seriously love that dirty face.
Macy.  Enough said:)

Macy & Jessica.
Jessica helps me maintain my sanity by helping with the kids and around the house.  She has definitely become one of the family.
Macy is a Daddy’s girl.

Logan...the next Tim Tebow.
Macy & Mommy having some VBS fun.
Last but not least, one of my summer favorites.
Watching Logan love on this little boy will forever be seared into my mind.  This picture was taken in The Hole, a trash dump in the center of Santiago.  The toddler was covered in the grime that coats the entire community.  In fact, he peed on me BEFORE Logan held him.  Logan knew it and wanted to hold him anyway.  They blew bubbles together, walked around and made each other smile:)
We cannot thank our friends and supporters enough for all you do for us.  
We are so blessed to be serving here in the Dominican Republic.  

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