Sunday, November 25, 2012


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   After arriving in the United States on October 2, we have slept in over 10 different houses with our four children!  If you ask our children where we live they don't really know how to answer.  If you ask any of us where "home" is we are at a loss for words.  We just don't really know.  
    God is beginning to make the answer to that question clear.  While we were in the Dominican Republic this past summer we began to feel that God was calling us to move to the DR on a full-time basis.  When the president of G.O. Ministries approached us asking us to transition to the Dominican full-time, we knew it was God's will.  We absolutely love living in the Dominican Republic, but let's be honest, it is downright hard!  Living in a developing country presents some unique challenges, add four children to that mix and it goes to a whole new level!  God is again asking us if we trust him with our hopes, our dreams and our very lives.  He is asking if we are willing to cut the safety net of having a home in the States out from under us and take (yet another) leap of faith.  The answer is yes.    
    In February of 2013 we will once again be heading to the Dominican Republic, but this time instead of going on a "trip" we will be headed "home".  The decision to again alter our dreams and plans was not without a few tough moments.  Phillip Phillips has a song titled, "Home".  This song has really spoken to both Derek and myself at separate times.  It has served as a reminder that a life following Christ is truly our home.

Phillip Phillips - Home


November 14-18 Derek and I had the privilege of attending the International Conference on Missions, otherwise known as ICOM.  The conference was in Indianapolis and was a wonderful opportunity for us to connect with pastors and churches who are currently involved with G.O. Ministries.  It also served as an avenue to connect with new churches who are interested in a potential partnership through G.O.  
    Thank you for your continued prayers and concern!  In late September we got test results that showed mom's cancer responded very favorably to the chemo, praise God!  We are currently working towards determining the next course of treatment.

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