Monday, May 6, 2013


Photo Fun:)
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Derek and Macy at a Field Day in Hato Del Yaque

Macy & Dianna having some Field Day fun.

This is a picture of Fabio & Antonia Lopez.  Fabio is one of the first pastors Derek worked with when he visited the DR in 2004 with Windsor Road Christian Church.  They have a special place in our hearts!

Rainy Season is upon us.  In this picture the neighborhood kids are teaming up to clear the storm drain.


Simeon is 6!!

Domingo is 9

Birthday dinner for Simeon & Domingo

Beautiful setting for volleyball, don't you think?




These next pictures are from a trip Lydia took to the Bateys with the Corinne Kohler Medical Team.
What an amazing, team, community and blessing!

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