Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why go? (part 1)

Why go? Why are we going to leave the stability of our current situation to pursue one full of uncertainty? In one word, ADVENTURE. We love adventure! Just kidding:) We want to live a life of adventurous FAITH. So I guess the answer to "why go" is really two words, Adventurous Faith. We love and serve a God who has called us out of our comfort zone and into a life where we have to live fully dependent on him. Six years ago Derek traveled to the Dominican Republic on a missions trip. That ADVENTURE changed him. He came back with the intense desire to live a life of purpose. The seed was also planted in his heart to pursue missions. Four years (and four missions trips)later, in 2008, Derek led a short term missions team from our church in Ft. Wayne. I had the privilege of going along on my first ever missions trip. In 2009 we returned from our second trip together with the feeling that God was calling us to move our family in to the mission field. We committed to praying for one year before making any decisions. During that time of prayer God gave Derek a vision of how our specific talents and abilities could fit in to what G.O. Ministries is doing. When we contacted the leadership of G.O. Ministries it didn't take long to see how God has shaped us to fit into the their ministry family.
So, now our family is "going" to live a life of ADVENTUROUS FAITH.

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