Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why G.O.? (part 2)

Why join G.O. Ministries? That is another really good question! We have decided to partner with G.O. Ministries because we believe that it where God is calling us:) The longer explanation is that we agree with G.O. Ministries approach to global missions. The core of G.O.'s mission is to partner with Nationals through short-term missions. Basically what that means is that G.O. helps pastors or Christian workers who are serving in their own country by securing resources to allow them to do ministry full-time. G.O. also offers ongoing trainings and practical support for their National partners. The other side of the equation is the Americans who serve on short-term missions trips. G.O. Ministries provides an opportunity for individuals to step outside of their own little world and into the larger world God has created. Perspectives are shifted, hearts are broken and lives are changed on these trips. Derek and I are both living examples of how God can use short-term missions to change who you are and what you are about. We are so excited about the duality of G.O. lives are changed in the United States and across the world through short-term missions.
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Much love,


  1. Lydia, I'm so excited for your family! What a blessing and honor to be called by God in this way! You guys will be in my prayers!